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Making Of Revolt

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I am not too sure if I could have cropped the image better….I intentionally tried to make the type feel retro by using blue-red color palette. The 2nd image is snapshots of the 3D model I created to make the robot body.

I wanted to create a feeling of tension by trapping the character by shadows of the building.


Photographed by Mike Miller

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Last year, I met renowned photographer, Mike Miller at the Venice skatepark. After a short conversation, we found out we worked on the same project at the same agency for an Youtube ad campaign, for which I was one of the art directors and he was the photographer. He saw me skating at the skatepark, and asked me if I would be interested in a photoshoot. I said “Hell Yea!!” These are the photographs taken by him.

I am so stoked to share these!

Harry Potter Limited Edition Box Set Design

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I had the honor of designing the new look for the Harry Potter 1-8 Blu-ray box set. 

My design was picked and approved by J.K. Rowling herself while I was working at Trailerpark Inc.

Each disc cover was hand drawn in etching style. 

This box set was released in many countries including Germany, Canada, USA, and UK. 

When this box set came out, it was one of the happiest moments in my life. :D

Museum of Ice Cream, NYC

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I recently got invited to participate in the Museum of Ice Cream pop-up gallery in NYC last September , which will soon be coming to the West side soon! Stay tuned!

I was asked to exhibit The Melting Ice Cream sculpture that I made and posted earlier on this blog at this awesome sold out event with tens of thousands of visitors!

I loved how Usher visited and snapchatted a picture of my sculpture! I wasn't physically there to enjoy the event, but here are some of the photos gathered from social media that were taken by various visitors and the people who made this event possible :D

Coaster Show 2016

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The 2016 Coaster Show is here at La Luz de Jesus!

It will go on from Sept 2-Oct 2 along with Mark Todd's solo show in the next room! 

Here are the two coasters I painted. I also custom-designed the backs of the coasters as well. Enjoy!